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When contemplating the sale of a business, owners quickly realize the significance of discerning between potential buyers. Not all buyers exhibit the same inclinations, with some placing a higher premium on intangible assets and goodwill. This variance in perspectives can significantly impact the perceived value and, consequently, the final purchase price of the business.

In broad terms, buyers can be categorized based on their tendencies to assign higher or lower values to an acquisition. While these inclinations are situation-dependent, sellers benefit from being cognizant of these buyer archetypes to strategically target those likely to offer the most favorable value for their business.

A fundamental principle guiding this understanding is that buyers closely associated with the business may be inclined to offer less compared to those with a more distant connection. Visualize a bullseye with the business at its core. As one moves outward from the center, the perceived value of the business ascends, reflecting the varying perspectives of potential buyers.